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Protein Smoovs
Smoov Smoothie Frutado
Smoov Smoothie Frutado
What is SMOOV?

Smoov is not only a smoothie company, it is a brand that goes beyond health and wellness. We believe that each day’s journey is full of promises and unique possibilities and our commitment is to make the most of each moment. Our goal is to enable a tasty, healthy and practical life, which can accompany you throughout the various challenges of the day.

Is Smoov a franchise?

R: Yes, we are a franchise! Interested in joining? Please visit our “Franchise Information” page in order to inquire about franchising opportunities

Where do I find nutritional information for smoothies?
Nutritional information can be found both here, in the products tab, and on our Instagram –
Does Smoov deliver?

We provide delivery through our delivery partners, such as Ifood and Rappi. Availability and participation vary by market.

What size drinks are available at Smoov?

There are 2 sizes available, 360ml and 480ml, for fruit smoovs and protein smoovs. Healthy shakes are available in 480 ml only.

Is Smoov vegan? Are there vegan options?

There are two 100% vegan options: Tropical Fresh and Detox. Additionally, you can always customize with our curated selection of vegan ingredients to any of our smoothies to make an item vegan.

Do smoothies have added sugar?

Smoov is based on producing healthy smoothies, so we do not add sugar to any smoothies.

No, our smoothies do not contain added sugar. We prioritize natural and fresh ingredients to guarantee a healthy and tasty option.

Which supplements can I add?

You can add different protein options and supplements to your smoothies.

In terms of proteins, we offer options such as vanilla whey protein, chocolate whey protein, coconut whey protein and vegan whey protein.

We also offer a variety of supplements including collagen, glutamine and creatine.

Is Smoov suitable for all ages?


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