Smoov Smoothie Frutado

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Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring or complicated

It’s about changing how the health lifestyle is pursued

It’s about making people’s daily lives easier and putting their health as a priority. It’s being anyone’s first contact with a healthier and longer life. It’s about being practical and being part of people’s routine.

We value nutrition quality as much as flavor, which is by the way the starting point for our recipes. Our Smoothies are developed and approved by a nutritionist and are 100% natural and functional.

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Smoothies 100% Real Fruit

Our Smoothies are made with natural ingredients only such as fruits, yogurt, superfood, and protein. They are 100% natural and functional, made to provide a diet rich in vitamins, fiber and nutrients to supply and improve our body’s nutrition.



StrawberryStrawberryStrawberryBlueberryBlueberryBlueberryPassion fruitMangoBananaBananaBlackberryBlackberry

Smoov Smoothie Frutado
Smoov Smoothie Frutado
Smoov Smoothie Frutado
Protein Smoovs
Protein Smoovs
Protein Smoovs


Milk Protein



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Smoov Healthy Shake
Smoov Healthy Shake
Smoov Healthy Shake

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Smoov Smoothie Frutado

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